Welcome to Stay True Therapy

Have you ever felt not good “enough”? Needing to be “more”, do “more”? If you get that promotion, lose 20 pounds, or “be” whatever others need you to be, then you can experience self-love and happiness? If you recognize yourself in these questions, you may want to explore my services.

I believe it is only when we learn to love and accept our authentic selves that we become free to show up in life.

For many of us, we abandoned our authentic selves in order to survive big feelings and honour our biological need to connect with others. In doing so, we focus on external acceptance and “check” the boxes we think we “need” to in order to find love and happiness. So you might be asking then, why is it I still feel so “empty” or “disconnected” from myself and others? Great question...

Happiness and connection lies in the "being" of living, not the "doing".

Staying true to who you are means listening to what the feelings or sensations are trying to convey to you so that you can embrace the person you “are” rather than the person you think you “need” to be. There is nothing “wrong” with you and you’re not broken in need of being “fixed”. It is about exploring how you “learned” to perceive you in this world, noticing when you feel most connected to you, when and if you align with the life you want to live versus the life you are living, and when you “feel” self-love and acceptance. This journey of self-connection and compassion towards all parts of you means that you no longer abandon yourself when intense feelings show up, rather you are more attuned to what you need and how to provide it. Essentially, we can re-parent the parts that “react” to difficult emotions so they can join us in the present. As Brene Brown suggests, “vulnerability is the birthplace of joy and creativity, and it takes courage to show up with such authenticity” ~ Brene Brown

I come from a place of unconditional acceptance, where judgement gets to patiently wait outside.

When we judge our parts we tend to “feel” shame rather than compassion. If we can’t find a way to get the feeling we are searching for, we will instinctively look for the quickest remedy or short-cut to that feeling, even if it means using what can turn into destructive behaviours such as, soothing with substances, sex, workaholism, food, judgment of others, anger, suicidal thoughts, etc. I come with a mindset that all parts serve us in some way and it is when we understand them better, we get to give them what they truly need.
If you are tired of the inner critic running your internal system and long for a place where you get to show up as “enough” then I might be the right fit for you to begin this journey of self-love.  - Leah